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FanBoom is the premium Facebook marketing solution which enables business owners and marketers to create customised Facebook pages which attract more fans, drive more engagement and generate more sales than ever before.

From branding to lead capture, contests to f-commerce, FanBoom is jam packed with powerful features and provides full design control so you’re not left with a template based fan page looking like 1,000′s others.

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  • Create customised facebook pages using fanboom and wordpress CREATE STUNNING FACEBOOK PAGES

    Does your Facebook page say everything you want it to about your business?  Does it reflect who you are?  Perhaps you feel like your current Facebook page isn’t doing anything for your business?  You may even be asking yourself, what am I doing wrong?

    That’s where we come in.  Use FanBoom to create an awesome and unique Facebook page that resonates with your business’ identity.  Make a stylish and professional page which will wow your visitors and make you stand head and shoulders above your competitors.  You’ll find no generic templates here; FanBoom gives you the true freedom to create a page that’s completely exclusive to your business.

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  • Connect to Facebook in seconds CONNECT TO FACEBOOK IN SECONDS

    We know that customising your Facebook page can seem difficult – you may be worried about spending too much of your valuable time on dealing with the technical side of things leaving you less time to invest in running your business.

    Luckily for you we've developed the perfect solution.

    FanBoom makes it easy and hassle-free to connect your page with Facebook, which means you can spend more time on the things you do best.

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  • Attract more facebook fans using FanBoom ATTRACT MORE FANS

    Not seeing as many likes on your Facebook page as you’d expected?  Not getting enough leads and new customers through the door as you’d like? 

    Well we can turn it around for you.  FanBoom helps you turn new visitors into fans, and fans into super fans, eager to buy what you’re selling.

    Harness the full power of Facebook and put it to work for your business.  Position yourself as a leader in your field and create huge floods of leads for your products or services.

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  • Engage your facebook fans with fanboom's advanced features ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE

    Are you suffering from Facebook page envy?  You’ve seen all the big corporations growing vibrant communities of fans who promote their products and services for them… and their fan count, well, you may be thinking, how on earth can I compete with that? 

    Well now you can! 

    Create viral competitions, build a Facebook store or generate an avalanche of new leads with a special offer.  FanBoom is carefully designed to promote engagement whilst maximising growth.

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