Demystifying How Facebook’s EdgeRank Algorithm Works: INFOGRAPHIC

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We've blogged about Facebook's EdgeRank before. But having a working knowledge of how this system works is crucial, so we make no apologies about this post. Especially since Facebook has made the news feed a much more visual, relevant and engaging place for users to be - resulting in a substantial increase in its share of attention. Masses of data goes into calculating what appears in our news feeds. But you don't need to be rain man to master this algorithm - this infographic clearly distills the key information you need to know to get your posts viewed by a larger audience.

edgerank-descriptionAaah … the elusive EdgeRank algorithm. So powerful, yet so misunderstood.

But as a marketer, it behooves you to get a handle on how it works, since comScore reports that 40% of the time spent on Facebook is in the News Feed. So exactly what factors does the social network take into consideration when deciding which of your content gets surfaced in a user’s News Feed?

Well, a new infographic from PostRocket will clear that right up, helping you understand exactly what factors contribute to how News Feed stories get filtered and displayed to a given user — in a very easy-to-understand, non-mathy way … with Batman-themed examples. Check it out below for a simple explanation of how EdgeRank impacts the content you post to your Facebook Page.

And if you’d benefit from a more basic understanding of the algorithm’s individual components (affinity, weight, and time decay) and why you should care about EdgeRank in the first place, we’re also following it up with PostRocket’s first explanatory EdgeRank infographic.



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